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Need a break from everything computer-related (School + comic). My health is real bad you guys..I need to do some serious healing. Again: I am sharing this with you, since I have shared these health issues of mine before, so want to keep you updated (Instead of going all quiet) : )

Have a lovely day you beautiful people - talk to you very soon <3

btw take a look at the first episode of the dub, it sure helped my silly brain to think of happier things hehe ^^ and omg ptdrawings made Maxton Midnight his very own theme song (I will share just that with exclusive artwork in the future -hopefully xD) enjoy:

Silver - Zootopia OC sketch
Inter Schminter Original Character : Oliver Ari (AKA Silver)

"NOT THE MANE" (hahah xD)

Been doing some sketching, and I felt like sharing this fellow here with you! I think I want to sketch all of my Zootopian OCs (and share with you in  sketchdump :D)

Here you have Detective Silver in colors! Hope you like him <3 Hope you remember him ;D haha He will return soon!

Stop DO not steal or do not use without permission
Hey y'all! Just checking in to say HI! <3

Unable to focus

Sorry to bother you once more with a “Bu-hu feel sorry for me” status xD, but I feel like I should keep you updated in a way yah know? Since I've already told you much about it, and like I have said before, it feels sooo good to talk to you guys. So many amazing people damn.Anywayz..

..Currently waiting for my verdict from the doctor (after the CT-scan I had last Thursday)..and I have to say that my health feels poorer and poorer, and I REALLY hope it is due to the fact that I am so super anxious about the answer I will get (as you know I am a nervous wreck). So I find myself in a state of being unable to focus in school, and I really hate that. I try to entertain myself with comic related stuff, cause it seems like that is the only thing that can help me take my mind off of ..this SHIT xD

I can't help but think; what if it is the worst possible outcome!? What then? This past week have been rough mentally, but many of you have tried to cheer me up, and I really appreciate that. I even got a personal message from Max hahahahahah ;D <3

Love you

and btw - yes you tell me you are here for me, but know that I am here for YOU too <3


Inter Schminter 14.19
FInally...they are together again!Thrust Thrust Thrust
...DO you guys have any idea how long ive waited to get to draw these upcoming chapters?????????
do you...? LIKEFOR REAL?Thrust Thrust Thrust Thrust Thrust
People have asked! People have complained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WELL I LOOK UPON THEE AND I SAY....
..are you ready?



Prev: Inter Schminter 14.18 by Spintherella

Next episode: Sometime in the future <3


Spintherella's Profile Picture
<3 I appreciate all who favs, watches and comments! Truly, thank you so much.



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Gaboris Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Sorry I'm late, but still Happy (late) Birthday from Hungary!
Get well soon and hope you'll keep up the great work. ;)
balou3155 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Artist
Come back in full shape plz <3
We are all in trouble to know you are sick ... T_T

(My heart bleeds every time you're not well ... it screams with pain at the thought of seeing you sick, rested you please ...) <3

I'm poet when I think of spintherella =) <3<3<3<3<3 That life invades you, and that she embraces you very strongly. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (big KISSSSSS) =)
balou3155 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Artist
This is strange spintherella has disappeared ... nothing serious I hope. =)
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balou3155 Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago   Artist
I fell by chance, it's after noon ... <3…

You be really crazy, you Norwegians. ^^
My God, I love this country. <3
I embark on the next ship, my heart balanced for Norway =) <3 <3 <3

The week begins super well (thanks the Norwegians);) 
The port of Bergen is not next ^ ^ (especially for me ^ ^ 26h, 2038Km)
ThePhantomsNobody Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Writer
Hey spin, do you know about the City of Zootopia server on discord?
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