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Dr. Ronan - Concept art

This sketch has been created by me in conjunction with school ^^ We got handed out a story pitch and with it several illustration tasks to design The House of the World.

One of our task was to study values, and that is what I have done within this comic page inspired piece of art :)  experimented with graduation to create the illusion of depth, focal points etc..I played around with about 4 values here.

Story pitch:

Years after a virus kills most of the human race, transforming many into mutants, one of scientist survivors, Dr. Ronan, struggles to find a solution. After coming into possession of an ancient map that supposedly leads to a mysterious place known as the House of the World, a place which holds the secret of time travel, he and his crew embark on an adventure into the unknown.”

Oh boy I do like my men to be shaken up somehow, don't I? ...with scars and what not.

My thinking with values here is that I wanted Dr. Ronan´s face to be the focal point..hence the extra lit up effect on his face. Perspective-vise, the illustration is wrong in the second frame; The tower should have had the "camera" more "grounded" looking up, so that the power within this house was reflected more. ...but..this is just for practice (I was just playing around with this entire page really and I wanted to give Dr. Ronan a face), the real task we have been given is to make a model of our house within Maya. I am very excited :D

I really enjoyed creating a character for someone other than myself..heuheu (..I did it for me, but I didnt come up with the doc).

Moveing Stop Sign please do not steal and do not use without permission


*Readstimescheduleforschool* ".7 w-." *Arthur wait wuuu* " 7 weeks left". hmmmmmmm
Foreal by Spintherella

Officially on a break until further notice. Not many weeks left of school now, so I need to focus on that and my health for the time being. End of year is near ^^ I welcome you summer ❤ stay safe you guys!
Part two of the dub (covering chapter 4-6):

Make sure to check out all of the kind and amazing VAs in this project Jason Bateman (Wink) - Icon

And also: I hope I will be able to recover and get back to drawing and chatting with you guys again! I don't think I will reply to your comments in my previous status entries, but I have read them ^^

Hope you all had a lovely Easter (tis not over yet:D)

hey..HUEHUEHUE - Max Midnight from Inter-Schminter  hey...not only does buff Nick have an incredibly sexy voice...he is also incredibly skilled when it comes to music ...especially le-drumz ..I love thiiiiiz...Sparkly Emoticon - Judy Hopps Inter-Schminter 



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<3 I appreciate all who favs, watches and comments! Truly, thank you so much.



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balou3155 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago   Artist
 I have just seen zootopia for the 9th liver and I must admit that it remains great and perfect, we do not get tired of this film. <3

But dreams are going to be filled with little rabbit and fox that night. ^^ I share my happiness in Hope to make you smile.   Joy
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balou3155 Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Artist
Sweet end of weekend, which ends in a calm and cool night.
I hope the weekend has been very restful is fun for you. =)

I wish you a good week is good courage. <3
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JadeRavenwing Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey~ Just poppin my head in to see how you're doing. I've kinda fallen out of the loop for the past couple months, was wondering how that big health scare of yours went and hoping that you're okay. <3
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balou3155 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017   Artist
  The weekend begins, I tell you so GOOD WEEK-END, is amused you well. <3 <3 <3:happybounce:
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animaxfan Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
I can't help but want to ask if you can draw aliens
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